Lessons I Learned From Nintendo Games

Boy, did I love Nintendo!  I remember when I got mine.  And, when I got new games, I would play and play them until I beat them – sometimes, in a couple of days.  I remember going to Phar-Mor  in Rivergate to rent games for $1.50/game.  Frequently, I would play them for 2-3 days, beat […]

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Uncover the tech behind any site with Wappalyzer

Today, I was trying to uncover what CMS a particular site is using.  I Google around came up with this Chrome/Firefox extension:  Wappalyzer (https://wappalyzer.com/). Very effective tool and very simple to use. You just click on this extension (below) and the box drops down with all of the software and frameworks that the site is […]

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8 Tips to Stress-free Refinancing of your House

Recently, I have been going through the refinancing process.  Much like selecting a mortgage, it’s not exactly a fun process.  But, based on experience, here are a few tips to help you navigate through the weeds of this complicated process. Be careful about Lending Tree.  I actually used them to make contact with mortgage companies, […]

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Who is On My Baseball Glove?

When you are a kid who loves baseball, the players that autograph your glove are very important!  These are the players who left their mark on your most sacred piece of property.  This was my glove from the time I was 8 thru 11 (I think).  I accumulated these autographs through many trips to Sounds […]

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Correlation, Causation and Other B.S. SEO Topics

The other day, I came across this article on SEOMOZ.  In this article, the author concludes that: Over the last decade, in case after case of marketers optimizing for the causal elements of Google’s algorithm, this pattern of short-term gain leading to long-term loss continually occurs. That’s why, today, I suggest marketers think about what […]

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Cool new Microsoft Office functionality from Windows 10

Really cool new features ahead from Microsoft Windows 10.

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The Internet Will Disappear

Fascinating thoughts from Eric Schmidt: “There will be so many IP addresses (…) so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it.” Surely you will sense it, because you’ll find this magical at-oneness with the digital world far more interesting than, say, the […]

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ZC Ayres3

Why I Left the Law for Digital Marketing

Eight years ago, I left the legal field behind.  I worked with a fantastic little firm in Nashville, TN.  But, I left anyway. After my first year of law school, I knew that law just wasn’t for me.  I clerked with the Tennessee Supreme Court and the U.S. Attorney’s Office after that first summer.  While these […]

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Keeping track of restaurants with Foursquare

I am a life hacker.  Love it.  I’ll look for any opportunity to use technology to give me that little edge that I need.  When I travel, I like to keep track of great restaurants.  Sometimes, you need to remember that great place that you ate at.  But, your friends also want recommendations.  Do this and […]

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Omnifocus: The key to keeping my day on track

I am a big fan of Omnifocus.  It’s a great mobile app.  But, it’s a great desktop app, as well.  It really does a great job of keeping my life in order.  Admittedly, I don’t max it out to its full product management capabilities.  Even still, I have found it to be very beneficial in […]

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