Tips to Save on Gogo Wifi on Flights

On your next flight, you might need Wifi.  Over time, Gogo keeps raising prices.  But, do not despair.  There are ways to save money on Gogo.  Here are a few of my tips for saving on Gogo. Buy your code before you get on the plane.  It will be cheaper.  I am flying right now. […]

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Mary Kay v. Retailmenot: a Potential Roadblock for Affiliates

On March 13th, Mary Kay filed suit against Retailmenot.  In the complaint filed in the Northern District of Texas, Mary Kay is alleging the fraudulent use of Mary Kay trademarks on the part of Retailmenot.  Mary Kay is seeking injunctive relief against Retailmenot from the use of its trademarks in the future, as well as monetary […]

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Family travel tips for Chicago

Recently, I just went to Chicago with the family.  It was an educational trip and I learned a few things about traveling to Chicago with kids. Think about going when Chicago kids are not in school.  Go then. Get the City Pass (http://www.citypass.com/chicago) .  It’s a deal.  With this pass, ($96/adults, $79/children) you can get […]

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The Beginning of the End for Cable

Well it’s here.  SlingTV allows you to get a cheap subscription to ESPN without paying for cable.  I have had so many friends tell me over the years that they would cut the tie with cable – if it were not for the issue with sports.  Here’s the solution to that long-standing problem. No doubt […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Joe Biden Moments

1.  Giving a Shout-Out to a friend. 2.  The Big Deal 3.  Too much “Swearin””.  I can’t believe there is this much gold in ONE event. My favorite:  “I like kids better than people”. 4.  Obama is a mainstream, clean guy.  Seriously? 5.  You know about those website numbers, right? 6.  When the stock market crashed, […]

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Evernote Scannable – Simply the Best iPhone Scanner

I have been blown away by Evernote’s new app, Scannable.  It’s so easy to use and so much more effective than other scanners I have used.  This is how easy it is to use. You can use the auto mode and just place your screen over whatever you are trying to scan.  It finds it […]

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SEO Content — Everyone’s Favorite Topic

Content is king.  And, it is.  But, how do you get it to make money?  That’s the million dollar question. Rolling out a new site today is tough!  If you rolled out a site in the early 2000’s, you could comment spam, pay for links, spam with press releases,  load up your meta keywords tags, […]

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Great New App for Little Kids

I came across a great new app for kids today. Vine has released Vine for kids. Kids can scroll through an endless array of age-appropriate videos. It is a great little app for those times when you need to kill time and you have a toddler.

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Lessons I Learned From Nintendo Games

Boy, did I love Nintendo!  I remember when I got mine.  And, when I got new games, I would play and play them until I beat them – sometimes, in a couple of days.  I remember going to Phar-Mor  in Rivergate to rent games for $1.50/game.  Frequently, I would play them for 2-3 days, beat […]

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Uncover the tech behind any site with Wappalyzer

Today, I was trying to uncover what CMS a particular site is using.  I Google around came up with this Chrome/Firefox extension:  Wappalyzer (https://wappalyzer.com/). Very effective tool and very simple to use. You just click on this extension (below) and the box drops down with all of the software and frameworks that the site is […]

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